SMART Product briefs

The project consortium presents the most important SMART products in terms of policy briefs ready for public download. For feedback or questions please refer to the contact details that are provided with the briefs. 

The SMART policy briefs are sorted according to five thematic fields as per the product scheme depicted below.

Figure: General SMART Product Scheme
General SMART Product Scheme

SMART - Overview

A – Monitoring und local Raw Water Management

B – Implementation of innovative Water Technologies

C1 – Integrated Planning Tools for IWRM Implementation

C2 – Regional IWRM Strategies

E – Capacity Development

  • Water Fun – hands, minds and hearts on Water for Life!

  • Capacity building has been tightly interweaved with every SMART product development by means of workshops, personal training and training courses for technical personnel, guidelines and the educational concept for the Fuheis decentralized wastewater treatment research facility.