SALAM - Main Objectives

The strategic goal of this project is to investigate the feasibility and practical implications of a reorganization of the water balance of the region. This, in order to return to the maximum possible extent to the conditions that prevailed before the massive water utilization of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers sources. This should be achieved by the introduction of new, to date un-exploited, sources of water of different qualities. Practical steps towards the implementation of this concept will be suggested.

Different water production and water trade strategies will be evaluated and compared in order to delineate, in cooperation with the regional stakeholders, a regional plan for a sustainable water resources development and management, aiming at covering the expected future large water deficits with a high degree of reliability. Furthermore, based on SALAM results, potential water imports to local scale are being defined, thus providi g valuable input to the water resources planning activities at local level in SMARTMOVE.

The project is expected to provide short to mid-term water management solutions to the region (5-10 years) as well as to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Jordan River and Valley and the Dead Sea.