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Main Objectives

Main Objectives

The central goal of the SMART-MOVE research and implementation project is the integrated transfer of innovative technologies and management instruments to the water management practice of cooperation partners in Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

Particular emphasis is placed on:

  • the testing and improvement of the robustness of water resource systems with respect to the observed high hydrological variability (extreme events such as droughts and floods);
  • conducing development and adaption of innovative water technologies for and to semi-arid to arid conditions by involving industriy partners.

For this purposes, the spectrum of individual water management measures and technologies (water storage, wastewater treatment, artifitial aquifer recharge, brackish water desalination, well systems, storage facilities etc.) is to be expanded into overall strategies, and work already started on the development of prototypes (e.g. brackish water desalination) to be completed.

Approaches that will help to successfully introduce and consolidate IWRM measures to and in the Lower Jordan valley, respectively, are for example:

  • the development of a generalized IWRM implementation concept for water resources management on the basis of representative catchment area clusters to consolidate the water planning¬†processes of the local stake holders;
  • the installation of telemetric monitoring systems for groundwater protection and high resolution observations of extrem runoff events;
  • the involvement of industry partners to create an environment of mutual exchange between the companies on the one hand and researchers and local stakeholders with their specific needs on the other hand.
  • the optimization of the cleaning performance and cost efficiency of decentralized waste water treatment technologies;
  • the preparation of a roll-out investment project for the implementation of decentralized waste water treatment plants;
  • the assessment and demonstration of decentralized waste water treatment and re-use at Fuheis demonstration site both, by applying different technologies and by¬†participative involvement of local stakeholders;
  • the controlled groundwater enrichment (managed aquifer recharge) and evaluation of technological approaches with the help of accompanying hydrogeological investigations;
  • a capacity development and knowledge dissemination program for the public and industry partner organizations.

Following the implementation concept of integrated water plans on cluster level social, economic and environmental policy strategies of the individual states will be taken into account. The newly developed or adjusted water plans will provide better protection against the negative impact of extreme events (floods, droughts), and contribute to an improved water supply reliability, water availability, efficiency of water use, and resource protection in this conflict-prone region.

While SMART-MOVE is the main project, a sub-project called SALAM was initiated in addition. While the original SMART-MOVE project stresses the IWRM approach for today in the limits of the Lower Jorday Valley, the SALAM sub-project extents or widens the focus also to the close future by considering other or new water resources in its neighborhood towards a regional water strategy. An overview on the objectives of SALAM is provided in the respective sub-menue point "SALAM - Main Objectives".