Announcement: SMART Regional Transfer Conference

Dear excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and distinguished Partners,

We are glad to announce the:

SMART Regional Transfer Conference,

23. and 24. of April, 2017

at Moevenpick Resort Dead Sea, Jordan.


After it's start in 2006, and with the approaching end of the implementation phase of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) concept for the Lower Jordan Valley the SMART project series approaches its completion. The project partners are in the process of delivering their final SMART IWRM implementation products to the stakeholders and decision makers in the region of the Lower Jordan Valley.

In addition, we would like to open up our conference to decision makers, NGOs, Consultants and Water Technology Companies who are involved in the field of IWRM concept development and implementation. In agreement with the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe and the BMBF, the event intends to reach out to the larger region of water scarcity in and beyond the Levant where IWRM approaches are essential components of a sustainable economical, social, environmental, and capacity development.

Preliminary Program:

The first preliminary Agenda will be circulated shortly.
23. April - full day: Opening, presentation and discussion of SMART* products
24. April - half day: Presentation and discussion of SALAM** products, closing

*SMART: Sustainable Management of Available Water Resources with Innovative Technologies
**SALAM: Securing Water Availability to the Lower Jordan Valley by Regional Water Resources Management Strategies (Sub-project within the framework of SMART)


Registrations and hotel room reservations can be made through the SMART-MOVE project website [link].

If you need accommodation please register as soon as possible to ensure the availability of hotel rooms according to the expected higher demand. Later changes or cancelling of room reservations and conference registrations are possible until short time before the conference.

Use your personal access code to access the registration form. If you don't have one please send your request to:
Torsten Lange, E-mail:
torsten.lange [∂]

For any further information don't hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Dead Sea and welcome you to the SMART Regional Transfer Conference!

Yours faithfully,
Martin Sauter and Torsten Lange